Mules Shoes

Good afternoon everyone! For my second installment of Tuesday Shoesday, I’m talkin’ Mules. Mules are everywhere right now, from the feet of the fabulous to almost everyone’s drink order. (Seriously, why is everyone drinking Moscow Mules these days?!) I have never owned a pair of these, and while I do love them, I feel as though you really gotta be on your balance game because these are just basically slip on stilettos. If you are into a little more stability in your shoe, you could definitely opt for the more chunky-heeled version of this shoe. Check out how these chic

Red, Red Lace

Happy Friday everyone! This book was originally meant to be for Valentine’s day but between school and work this week, I have been one busy girl. In any case, I think this is a great look for any date night, Valentines or not, so I guess that this being a little belated isn’t the end of the world. In any case, I am definitely not that big on Valentine’s, because you should celebrate love every day, not just once a year, am I right or am I right? On the other hand, that definitely didn’t stop me from getting festive

Black, White, and Red All Over

What is black white and red all over? A newspaper? An embarrassed dalmatian? A sunburned Penguin? A zebra painted red? These would all be appropriate answers to this question, but, for my purposes, the correct answer today is my outfit. If that’s what you picked the first time, you are soooo smart! 😉 If I have been radio silent this week, I do apologize, but it hasn’t been for lack of wanting to update this blog. I am taking 11 units in school this semester so I’ve been trying to get a rhythm going between juggling work and school. So