How to manage your Oily hair

Oily hair is the worst as it means that you have to shampoo often if you want your hair to look shiny and oil-free. If you have oily hair, you know how just after a day your hair becomes greasy and starts looking dull and unhealthy. It can be difficult to style your hair and you would have a tough time in going out if you have greasy hair but this all can be changed.

You can manage your oily hair and make them look strong and shiny by just following these steps:

Take a shower Everyday

Make sure you take a shower every day to get rid of the excess oil from your skin but don’t shampoo your hair Everyday as it can then strip your hair of the natural oils and can make them look dry and dull.

Instead, you need to shampoo your hair once in 2-3 days so that your hair is clean and retain the natural oils without looking greasy.

Take a shower every day

Remove the buildup from your hair every month

Another effective way to keep a check on your oily hair is by removing the oil and hair-care products’ buildup from your hair with the help of a clarifying shampoo or baking soda.

A clarifying shampoo often contains sodium lauryl sulfate which can strip your hair and scalp, both of the natural oils so it is more advisable to add baking soda to your shampoo in every 2-4 weeks to get rid of the excess buildup.

Use a Dry Shampoo

Another great way to get rid of the oily hair is by using a good quality dry shampoo. There are a lot of good-quality, effective dry shampoos out there in the market which can absorb the oil from your hair and leave your hair feeling fresh and clean.

Check out these shampoos and use the one which best suits your hair type.

Dry shampoo

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Condition your hair properly

If you suffer from oily hair, then it is advisable to not use a lot of conditioners as it can make your hair look greasy. Just apply a conditioner every once a week or use the conditioner only on the tips of the hair and not the scalp so that it doesn’t add to the natural oils and make your hair look oily.

You can also use a little olive oil or a leave-in conditioner before drying your hair so that when you brush and blow-dry your hair, it will get evenly distributed and will not make your hair look oily.

Use different hairstyles

If you don’t want to try dry shampoos or clarifying shampoos, then there is another way to control your oily hair. You can style your hair properly so that it doesn’t end up oozing out a lot of oil in a day. We’d recommend you get one of the best curling iron to keep from ruining your hair when curling.

You can try a ponytail look or a chignon look, both of them add a little sophistication to your entire hairdo or you can consider getting a perm or curly hair as curly hair is known to delay the whole oily hair process.

different hairstyles

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