Continually watching friends resort to sourcing style opinions via text messages while struggling to find the perfect outfit, we were struck with an idea – a fabulous idea. Our team began the quest to develop a better way to explore personal style in real-time.

After a year of sweat, successes, and learning experiences, we have worked tirelessly to create the world’s most fashionable and helpful style community.



Gregg Morton

Co-Founder and CEO

Gregg is the Co-Founder and CEO of WeStyle, with a past deeply rooted in technology and business. He is responsible for the overall direction and product strategy. His entrepreneurial edge was sharpened at an early age, founding retail and commercial computer and network systems solutions provider, MoVita Technologies, in 2002 at age 15.

While pursuing a BBA in Finance and BS in Business Economics through the dual degree program at the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business, Gregg co-founded Investimonials.com.

Fun Fact: Gregg acts like a hard-ass, but totally snuggles with his girlfriend’s dachshund. There are photos. Trust us.


Robbert Visser


Robbert is the CTO at WeStyle, and has built a life as an urban nomad & entrepreneur with a passion for startups. Robbert boasts 20+ years of experience in the tech space, and works tirelessly to deliver the coding that has the potential to spark truly exciting things (like WeStyle!).

Fun Fact: Robbert has an awesome accent. Actually.


Kylie Kagen

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kylie sits as the Director of Marketing and Communications for WeStyle. Her professional history is rooted deeply in digital communications and advertising, with experience across a wide variety of national brands and organizations. Kylie has never met a stranger, and uses her interpersonal savvy to make lasting connections between buyers and brands.

Fun Fact: Kylie has never seen Top Gun. Ever. In her life.


Erik Zamudio

Head of User Acquisition and Growth Marketing

Erik Zamudio is a Head of User Acquisition and Growth Marketing who joined WeStyle in 2014. He is a patented Product Designer with Marketing experience at Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley Startups. Erik is a startup enthusiast who loves taking on new, disruptive projects.

Fun Fact: Erik fancies himself something of a “sweater connoisseur.”

Social media handles? Try finding him on social media. Just try it.