How to manage your Oily hair

Oily hair is the worst as it means that you have to shampoo often if you want your hair to look shiny and oil-free. If you have oily hair, you know how just after a day your hair becomes greasy and starts looking dull and unhealthy. It can be difficult to style your hair and you would have a tough time in going out if you have greasy hair but this all can be changed. You can manage your oily hair and make them look strong and shiny by just following these steps: Take a shower Everyday Make sure you

Spring 2016 Trends

 It is now officially spring, which means it is time for fresh new trends. This year’s crop of trends is nothing new really, but I am really enjoying how designers are taking past trends and revamping them in a fresh and modern way. If you are ready to pack your coats and sweaters away and start planning your spring wardrobe shopping list, I have compiled my favorite spring trends for this year to help you in your sartorial choices this season, plus some great affordable options for you to shop! You’re welcome. 😉 GINGHAM Oscar de la Renta (Getty Images)/

Sunday Best

Easter is probably the epitome of “putting on your Sunday best.” When I was younger, getting an “Easter Dress” was always something I really looked forward to. This always involved going to Dillard’s with my mom and grandmother to pick out just what I would wear to church on that very special Sunday. While I haven’t had an Easter dress in years, I picked up this amazing dress recently and immediately fell in love with it because it reminded me of a dress i wore on Easter probably around the time I was 8. I remember trying on this dress